It’s so important that you get your pricing right when you first start selling your beautiful cupcake bouquets.

At the beginning it will take you some time to pipe and get into system.  This is completely normal, my first bouquet took me 4 hours and then another hour to wrap hahaha.  But the more you do it and practice the quicker you get, in turn making more profit.  Because it is all to do with time, and if every bouquet is taking you 4 hours then your profit isn’t going to be great.  But you will speed up trust me! Practice, practice and more practice, that’s all it takes.

Now, if when you start selling your cupcake bouquets you don’t feel comfortable selling them at the prices below then PLEASE make sure you write ‘INTRODUCTORY PRICE’ on your posts.  This way it keeps your customers happy and then when you do increase your prices your customers won’t be confused.

Please be confident with your pricing and don’t fall into the trap of customers asking you for discounts because they have ordered multiple cupcake bouquets.  You are not reducing the quality of your work so why should you reduce your prices or offer discounts.

Keep it simple from the start when customers are ordering your cupcake bouquets.  When your customer has placed their order, ask for full payment upon ordering!  This stops all the needless and time consuming admin involved with deposits and chasing customers for the balance.  Also if customers have paid in full they will not let you down so far as collection.  If customers haven’t paid in full they are more likely to be a no show or decide once you’ve already piped their cupcake bouquet to say ‘oh I don’t need it now’.  

So here are the prices I charge for my cupcake bouquets! I have three different price ranges so as to cover everyones budget.

Classic (standard, simple flowers that don’t take you long to pipe)

7 cupcake bouquet £25

12 cupcake bouquet £40

19 cupcake bouquet £60

24 cupcake bouquet £75

30 cupcake bouquet £90

Deluxe (these bouquets have more detail ie mini flowers, buds or blossom)

7 cupcake bouquet £30

12 cupcake bouquet £45

19 cupcake bouquet £65

24 cupcake bouquet £80

30 cupcake bouquet £99

Luxury (these bouquets have more intricate flowers, ie protea, hellebore)

12 cupcake bouquet £55

19 cupcake bouquet £75

24 cupcake bouquet £90

30 cupcake bouquet £110

Prices are also dependant on the area you live in, whether its affluent or not.. some of my students charge a lot more than I do because their area is much more affluent. Other students charge a lot less than I do because their area is less affluent.  So you will be able to gauge this depending on where you live. Just don’t undervalue your work and how much time and effort you have put in.. If customers want your cupcake bouquets they will be happy to pay for them.  


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