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This is something we were all taught as children and I’m sure still strive to instil in our own children.  Respect and manners cost nothing…. #beKind

This isn’t the nicest of blogs I’ve had to write, but out of respect to my amazing admin team it is necessary.

Firstly I’d like to say that 99% of my students and customers are amazing. Some of the loveliest, and most respectful people – this blog is about the small minority…

I’m not sure if some people think I’m a large corporation employing hundreds of staff and tech support? I’m not, it’s just me baking and piping and assembling. Along side me I have THE best admin team who not only run everything behind the scenes, they built my websites, they answer your emails, they help me with my social media accounts, they handle PR for me and they even help out when I run courses, all at the same time as running their own successful digital marketing business and offering free advice to many of you about your small businesses  – they are Fran and Emily, some of you may have met them before.

Fran and Emily own and run a business called FES ENTERPRISES.  Fran is a mum of 3 who built her business from nothing, completely self taught and phenomenal at her job, Emily joined FES a few years ago as business went through the roof. There is a reason for this -their attention to detail, their knowledge and creative brains.  As you will see from my websites and anything that is related to Taylor Made Cake Courses and Taylor Made Cakes, they are great at what they do and they also deserve respect for all that they do.

Sometimes I receive feedback from students or customers that my admins have ignored emails etc… I can assure you that this is absolutely NEVER the case! 

Even though Fran and Emily are my admin team and therefor answer most of your emails, I also see your emails, and I see their replies, which 99% of the time are immediate, or if it’s a Sunday it will be in 24 hours.  

They are mums too, none of us sit at the computer waiting for customers or students to message with problems or queries.  Fran and Emily are my best friends and we are each others biggest cheerleaders, my gain is their gain.  Their reputation is on the line if something goes wrong and I promise you, they do everything in their power to make sure my websites run smoothly for you all – sometimes this is painstaking! 

I have seen the hours put into answering your questions and troubleshooting the websites – the moral to this story is – Being rude, aggressive or nasty to my admins will get you nowhere other than banned from my website. This isn’t even something I thought I would ever have to say, but unfortunately I do. 

We had an incident recently where, due to moving onto a new domain host, there was a syncing issue with the emails, within just a 24 hour period 98 emails arrived. When we realised all of the emails were answered, on a weekend, within a matter of minutes.  We NEVER simply ignore people.  

If you’ve already bought online videos from me in the past and you haven’t moved over to my new website seamlessly, you were notified of this when the change took place over 6 months ago – Fran and Emily sent more than one email to my entire mailing list explaining the changes and the ways they may effect you and your purchases.

If your email address isn’t working as your username it’s because you’ve either used a different email when you purchased or there is a typo. The new website was created to enhance the users (your) experience.  We can see what email you used but because of GDPR we can’t tell you what it is, unfortunately it is up to you to find out which email address you used initially to purchase. 
We would be breaking the law if we were to give out email addresses to anyone who asked 🤷🏻‍♀️ we are not trying to be difficult we are being professional.  

If there is ever a problem with something please do email my admin team.. they will reply ASAP.  Please remember they are not my secretaries or my bitches!!! They run 15+ other companies social media and marketing. Please treat them with RESPECT or I am afraid I will be forced to remove you from my community. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to the 99% of you that treat them with the respect they deserve.

Jane x

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