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YouTube is a fantastic free platform to showcase your business internationally..   

I always knew there would people who couldn’t necessarily afford my tutorials, so it was only fair to add free buttercream flower tutorials to my YouTube account.  

It is also there for fellow bakers and hobby bakers to see how I work. Also, for them to then feel happy enough to purchase either my bundle tutorials or my individual flowers.  

The question I’m most commonly asked is “Do you have a buttercream recipe?”  Yes, it has been on YouTube for some years now and also on my website.  I don’t charge for this as it’s not a buttercream recipe that I have come up with. It’s an American buttercream recipe, the only difference is I don’t add any liquid.  This in turn gives you a wonderful stiff buttercream that pipes beautiful floral cupcakes.  

Also on my YouTube channel is how to achieve various colours. I’m always asked how I achieve my gorgeous red buttercream.  It’s very easy and simple to follow and takes seconds to produce.  I have learnt all these tricks of the trade over the years, taking the heartache and disappointment away from you 🤣

Because, trust me it’s taken a while to learn little tricks and tips but I now have most of them to share with you.  

The brand of colour that I use for a huge percentage of my cupcake bouquets are @rainbowdustcolours Progels.  They are amazing at quickly achieving the desired colour by simply adding a small amount or larger amount of gel depending on the shade you require.  There is no horrible after taste which you do tend to get with some other brands.

🙌🏻I am so excited 🙌🏻

I received a phone call from Melanie at Cake International, asking me to be on their #cionscreen. Eek I was so honoured but at the same time terrified.  If you’ve purchased any of my flower tutorials chances are you don’t know what I look like 🤣 that is on purpose.  I love making the videos but when you have a huge camera staring right at you I go to pieces.  So for me this is massive to have my full face on camera 🙈 Fran has been saying to me for years people want to see YOU! “Nope” was always my reply.  But this time I didn’t have any choice and for God sake millions of people watch it.  Like most women I have my body hang ups! Don’t particularly want to be criticised for what I look like etc etc… I had to put my big girl pants on and do it.  So I did….

Here are the details:

🌟 On the 28th June I was LIVE on Cake International’s Facebook Page 🌟


I have produced a 45 minute free demonstration on ‘Buttercream flowers’ which again includes my buttercream recipe, colours and 5 brand new flowers 🙌🏻

Anyone can watch this you simply go to the Cake International Facebook page and view.  I’m so excited and thrilled to of been asked. Now that this has aired, the 45 minute video is available on my YouTube channel too.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Happy piping 

Jane x

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