If you have purchased one of my wrapping videos or one of my 3 bundle packages, you will be eligible to join my Facebook community page. You will know that I spend a lot my time giving tips and tuition on streamlining your cake business.. not everyone who has bought my bundles and wrapping is on Facebook so I’ve put together this blog for my 1,000s of students around the world unable to access this knowledge.

It has taken me quite some time to learn of all these tricks, with lots of ‘why I have never done this before?’ Moments whilst smacking myself round the head 🤣 Even last year discovered a new trick which I never thought was possible 🙌🏻

So to help all of you lovely students I am going to show you how to make your business more productive and less time consuming. Winner 🥳

When you first start a cake business you don’t want to turn down any orders you are asked to do for fear of that customer never coming back.. trust me they will!

I spent my first two years working 7 days a week, accepting every order that came in, to my own detriment. Yes the money was amazing bringing in over £1k a week, but my family suffered.. I missed out on family days out, memory making and just spending quality time with my family. The guilt wasn’t worth the money. My very special team Fran and Emily said enough is enough, they were admins on my Facebook page and Instagram etc and the amount of enquiries and order requests obviously came through to them as well as myself.. they couldn’t believe the level of orders and enquiries and said this needs to change! So Fran, Emily and Jenny from Rockpool built me an eShop🙌🏻 this meant that customers could still order their bouquets just via my shop instead , it’s just like Interflora basically.. this stopped endless emails and messages going back and forth for a £25 bouquet 💐 you’ll appreciate this I’m sure when you’ve been piping all day and then in the evenings you are replying to messages🙈 where does your time with your family come in and down time for you?

I’m not saying you all need an eShop what I’m saying is, have a cut off point. I’m now only making bouquets on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And collections are all by 5pm. So come Friday night I’m done for the weekend. Monday’s are my cleaning day as I have a large home with 7 people living in it.. need I say anymore 🤣

Tuesdays are my prep day. I make all of my cupcakes on a Tuesday and freeze them. You need to make sure they are completely cold before loading into freezer bags. When you do then come to pipe your floral cupcakes you are ready, less stressed and less mess. You can pipe straight onto a frozen cupcake (it’s a game changer) especially in the summer months or if you live in a hot climate. Also, do not fear by the time you’ve piped them and loaded into the bouquet they are defrosted by the time your customer collects.

Make all of your buttercream for the week. I usually make 10 double batches. I transfer it all into large mixing bowls and cover with clingfilm or an airtight container. Even if you don’t use it all it will last in the fridge for as long as the date is on the pack of butter. Again when you need to use it you are less stressed and less mess. The buttercream will be solid when you take it out of the fridge. Simply take out what you need for the flowers you are piping for that bouquet and blast it in the microwave on high for 5 second spurts until it’s the consistency you require. It’s like velvet.. you don’t need to put it back in the mixer!

Prep all of your cups and assemble ready for the orders in that week.
Put your boxes together, make up your bows and cut the tissue paper you need for all bouquets. I don’t pre cut the cellophane as I find it all sticks together and can end up with creases but you can do this if you so wish.

Getting into a routine of prepping this way will help you for big events too like Mother’s Day, Christmas and Easter etc.

Have a diary with one page per day. You’ll need it. I always write my orders in for the day before they want to collect. That way if you make the day before you’re never going to get caught out.

List all of the bouquets you’re making that day.. and write each flower and quantity that way as you complete the flowers you can tick it off. Always start with the lightest coloured flowers and work your way up.

Have strict collection times. People will take the Mickey and turn up whenever they choose.

I can’t stress this enough (again from personal experience) take full payment for the order before you even turn the oven on. Yes asking for deposits is one way to do it but it’s more admin again, checking your bank and then asking them for the balance before they collect. It’s hassle you don’t need. You don’t pay deposits for any other bespoke work and say I’ll pay £10 now and the balance upon collection it’s business suicide.

The final biggest tip I can give you is run your business with your head not your heart ❤️ I learned this the hard way.. yes you have to love and have passion for what you’re producing but getting upset by difficult and fussy customers isn’t worth it for your mental state. Put a mark next to their name and don’t supply for them again. You have to remember they are coming to you because they can’t do it 🤷🏻‍♀️


I hope this helps you all… I’m saying all of this from experience as I’ve got the T-Shirt 🙌🏻

Love Jane x

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