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To shoot or not to shoot ?

The importance of a good photograph!!!

Since I have started my business and running the piping courses, I’ve been made very aware of the importance of good photographs!

I have taught thousands of students now and they produce the most beautiful bouquets, but when it comes to their pictures it hides the beauty of their work.

This is only important if you want to start a business in cakes or food in general. Because if like me first impressions matter then you need to be prepared and have everything in place to photograph your cupcake flowers! It makes you, your company and your bouquets look more professional!

Poor lighting and objects in the background completely distract the viewer from what you’re actually trying to sell!

A few pointers for a good photograph:

  • Invest in a backdrop! You can purchase these at a very reasonable price from Amazon for around £10-15
  • • Make sure you choose a light and airy room
  • • If the sun is beaming through the room it will make the photograph very yellow so wait until sun has moved round!
  • • Invest in a decent phone, I use an iPhone 8 for my photographs
  • • The portrait setting is best for close ups
  • • If you are not happy with the picture don’t post it
  • • Your images are your brand so make sure you they are perfect

Below are two pictures to of the same bouquet taken at different times to show you the impact of poor lighting!

Jane x

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