If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok you will see that I have been talking a little bit about the heat!

Here are my top tips for piping in the heat –

It’s scorching 🥵 in the UK and it’s a nightmare to pipe in! I really feel for all of you in hot countries having to pipe in this consistently! A few top tips I’ve learnt along the way –

🌺 Pipe directly onto a frozen cupcake: Freeze your cupcakes once cooled – then only take out a cupcake at a time to pipe directly onto it.
🌸 Store your buttercream in the fridge and only take out what you need for your bag: Leave the rest on the bowl! Colour what you need and pop it back into the fridge until you need it
🌺 Use a pet cooling mat – small one (new of course) to cool your piping bags – great tip from a student there! – You can buy these from Amazon
🌸 I always pipe very early in the morning or very late at night when the weather is like this – the silence is golden lol
🌺 Consider (if you are able) investing in a portable air con unit. I have a Dyson one and it’s great for my cake room – I know they are pricey, but have a look at the cheaper ones, just check the reviews first!
🌸 Keep your bouquet/blooms in the freezer until just before collection – they will thaw really quickly – Yes you can put your whole bouquet into the freezer, if you have the room that is!
🌺 You can also put the piping bags on freezer blocks! – I love this little tip, so simple.
🌸 Run cold water onto your wrists and it cools your whole body – this is a game changer!

Please feel free to add any other tips in the comments below! ⬇️ I would love to read them.
Jane x


“i live in the United States in Texas….we get well over 120 degrees here in the summer. I learned from someone very knowledgeable about the brutal heat is I use 1/2 and 1/2 …half butter and 1/2 SWEETEX…it has no taste and makes the buttercream withstand the heat as much as possible…we all know that everything has it’s limits”

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