Such a joyous occasion! 🤣

Unless you are the cake maker… I’m only kidding!

I’ve only ever had wonderful brides, not a bridezilla in sight! I’m sure I’ve just been very lucky but I also love making floral cupcakes for weddings.

So many of my students and other bakers are so scared of piping for a wedding and I don’t understand why?

Weddings are no different to any other bulk order you do! If anything they are easy and a high profit occasion. Not! Because you charge more for a wedding but because you are piping the same floral cupcakes just lots of them. A bride isn’t going to ask you for 50 different flowers! And remember it’s your business so you can show them what you offer and what you are happy piping on mass.

I personally don’t charge more for weddings because I put the same level of time and attention to detail in all of my orders so weddings are the same. I don’t know if you agree but when it comes to events like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and New Years Eve why does the price automatically double?? Drives me insane, so this is why I don’t charge more.

A few tips for wedding orders:

🌸 offer a sample box of six floral cupcakes. Showcasing the buttercream flowers you want to offer.

🌸 before the arrive for their consultation have a price per cupcake that you are happy to charge. Looks more professional and is easy to work out then when they ask how much?

🌸 if you don’t want to deliver and set up at the wedding venue, then tell them! The caterers for their wedding can do that. If it’s a case of you just delivering them but you don’t want to do that either then offer for an Uber or taxi firm to come and collect and deliver. Include the fare in your pricing.

🌸 make sure if it’s a big wedding order to book yourself out that whole week in your diary so you have time to prep and not stress. You can prep so much beforehand. Bake the cupcakes then freeze. Make the buttercream, pop it in the fridge. Get the boxes or cupcake bouquet structures ready. Bows pulled, cellophane cut etc etc.

🌸 if you have the freezer space you can bake, pipe then freeze your decorated cupcakes in their cupcake boxes at the beginning of that week. Even if you do half of the order it’s taken the pressure off.

🌸 don’t agree to something you know you can’t do. If they’ve asked for lilies and you can’t pipe lilies, Say no! Offer something else that your confident in piping.

🌸 make sure you leave a little box of business cards at the venue, (with the bride and grooms permission of course). Huge gatherings like this are the perfect way to promote your amazing business.

🌸 enjoy it, make sure you take loads and loads of photographs. Fantastic way to build up your Instagram and social media portfolio.

🌸 remember to tell the bride and groom you can colour match their wedding colours. And I always offer for the numbers of floral cupcakes to increase up until 2 days before, because if you’ve prepped and are organised you’ll be able to offer this and is always an amazing selling point.

🌸 I don’t take deposits, I ask for full payment upon ordering and I cannot confirm their date until I’ve received the money.

🌸let’s face it we all love a wedding!

Don’t we….. 🤣🤣

Love Jane x

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