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When I started my cake business I never expected to be in the position I’m in now!

Once I had perfected the bouquets, by this I mean lots of tears, frustration and slog the orders were rolling in and before I knew it I was having email after email and messages from fellow bakers, hobby bakers all asking if I teach! Teach??? Never!! That’s just not me! Standing at the front of a room full of people talking and everyone of them looking at me?? No thank you!

But… As you can imagine spending six days a week, working over 12 hour days on my own with only my Google Home to talk to! I was actually going a bit doo-laly and quite lonely!

So this was the shove I needed to start teaching…

After announcing that I would be teaching I had 260+ sign ups within hours which floored me!! 🙈 Then, reality hit, I actually had to sort a venue, food (the second most important in my life) stock, supplies etc luckily I have a wonderful team that work with me and sort all the technical stuff and VA work!


I was abnormally calm considering the fact I was about to meet twelve women I didn’t know! Despite my fears the day went really well and I’ve never looked back! Receiving the amazing feedback from my pupils made it all worth while…

I am self taught so far as the flowers, I’ve spent hours mastering them and finding the easiest way to produce beautiful flower cupcakes. I wanted to get my flowers to the highest standard, I always strive to create perfection in the things that I do and it is this that has driven me through this journey and lead me to be able to create bouquets that customers actually believed were real flowers!! 💐 One customer actually asked when they needed to be watered! YES, I thought, I’ve done it!!!!!

So the reason I charge for my flowers is because of the inordinate time and effort I have put into my work and my business, knowledge and expertise!

Anyone can do this as I have proved on my location courses! From students who have never even picked up a piping bag to the elite Sugarcraft Guild ladies! Now you may think that these ladies would find it a doddle since they already work with icing cakes? You couldn’t be more wrong! Working with buttercream is completely different to working with sugar paste.

But by the end of the four hours they all achieved cupcakes that looked like flowers!

The videos will show you MY techniques, MY tips and most of all of MY knowledge! Plus, it doesn’t end there when you have purchased the courses!

You will be invited to a closed Facebook group where you can share your masterpieces and ask any questions! It’s like a little community where you can also help each other learn and ask my advice. I will answer questions as much as I can but as you are aware I have orders that I need to fulfil!

I will be screening a live video every month for you to ask me any questions you have. Obviously the time difference from all over the world will depend on whether you can join in at that time, but the video will stay on the page for you to watch at your leisure!

I look forward to seeing you on the other side 🌻

Jane x

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